Naomi Kotek

Polyvalent game artist

Naomi Kotek is a Paris-based polyvalent game artist. She has worked as a 2d game artist in a small start-up and as solo application developer and motion designer at In Silico Architecture, where she was able to use both her experience as an artist and as a biologist to tackle design issues frequently encountered in landscaping and offer creative solutions.

While she has done a wide variety of work as a solo dev or artist on several projects, she has the most experience in environmental design and art direction, with a focus on folklore and biology. Naomi is interested in exploring anatomy, complex human experiences, folk stories, and all the ways in which they interact, and what interactive media can do with these themes.

Her outside interests include taxidermy, movies (horror in particular), nature photography and her pet ducks.

She can be contacted at naomi.kotek@gmail.com and her work can be found at squelette.itch.io

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